Management Academy On The Road

Here's a quick update on our Management Academy On The Road program. We completed a pilot in Florida with five counties; we launched a new group in Maryland this spring; two more groups launch this summer. The program is two on-site days, supported by webinars and technical assistance before and after (details on the MAPH website).

Here's a short list of business plan ideas in development across these groups.
  • An ER Diversion project with hospitals, public health and the Federally Qualified Health Center
  • An "Academic Health Department" plan to allow the county to participate in clinical trials, bringing in revenue and expanding treatment options
  • A dental clinic add-on to an existing Ryan White organization
  • A free clinic to create a bridge for the uninsured until 2014
  • A health coaching project
  • A project to combine substance abuse/behavioral health in an integrated organization
What ideas are sitting in your community's health improvement plan? What ideas are bubbling up from your community health assessment or your MAPP process? Can we help you push them to implementation?

--Steve Orton