Business Plan Part 2: No Walk in the Park.

Continuing with our previous post, creating a business plan is no easy task. For the past month I have been creating one for a potential business I have planned, a specialized corporate event planning company based in Puerto Rico. I can assure everyone that it has not been a walk in the park.

Taking into consideration the expert advice of Dave Lavinsky, I have certainly developed as detailed as possible all the key sections of the business plan. Every section has been personalized and strategically described, this will give any reader and/or investor in great detailed what the company is about, it’s goals, objectives, financials, team, etc.

Simone Brummelhuis, advices us to specifically point out what makes your business successful and how it can benefit an investor or a bank, She suggests that your top sections should be your financials. People who are interested n investing in your idea want to see numbers. Personally, two of the hardest sections while creating the business plan have been the law and financing sections.  However, options like outsourcing outside help from a lawyer or an account can be of benefit of those who have difficulties in those areas. Agreeing with Brummelhuis, in my personal opinion the financial section is the most important. Those who are going to invest in your business NEED to understand when they will get their investment back and when they will start making some money.

Having great resources like a good book on business plans, watching a tutorial video and reading about expert advice can be a great way to save money and create a successful business plan. Knowing the areas that you need more help can be a very good factor while creating your business plan.

I do have to point out that research is key while creating this sort of document, but don’t be discouraged having a business plan benefits your business enormously.  Remember these tips and the creation of a business plan are a step closer to your SUCCESS.