From the Management Academy Director

Recently I read an interesting blog written by Dr. Louis Rowitz. Dr. Rowitz, has built a unique career in academia via public health practice issues and initiatives. He currently serves as the director of the University of Illinois Center for Public Health Practice. He has published two public health leadership books entitled Public Health Leadership: Putting Principles into Practice and Public Health for the 21st Century: The Prepared Leader.
The most recent blog focused on the Need to Learn.
Here is a short segment of the article:
Every time we read a book, take a course, attend a conference, work collaboratively with others, use our creativity skills, solve a problem, resolve a conflict, improve the quality of our organizations, or communicate with others, we increase the return on investment in our personal growth and on the organizations for which we work. Knowledge management is cost effective and increases cost efficiency.

The blog is thought provoking and he goes on to cover other subjects related to leadership. He offers a segment of Leadership Is An Art by Max DePree and lists the ideals of helping a leader to define reality. Here are just a few:

  • No matter how good a job you do, you can still lose your job.
  • Not all team members do the work.
  • It is your good managers that make you like your job.
  • Most leaders don’t change. The weaknesses remain. Play to the person’s strengths.
  • Don’t expect politicians to value what you do. Their priorities are not your priorities.
  • Resilience is the secret weapon of leadership.
  • People don’t want change and they use budget considerations to justify their resistance.
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