Outcomes Story, South Carolina

I got a nice email from an alum a couple of weeks ago, Marie Horton from the South Carolina Dept of Health and Environmental Control, DHEC.
We were in the 2001-2002 group. Our project concerned training food establishment staff with the help of a video we produced on food safety. The video was based on our SCDHEC health inspector inspection sheet... The project was a success. I ended up pushing the video through to completion and we had it translated into Spanish and Mandarin a few years ago. The Environmental Health Division has it up on our SCDHEC website, if you want to take a look.
Here's a link to the "food protection" links page at DHEC. Note that DHEC staff partnered with the restaurant association to create and fund this video. This is all by way of background for what comes next:
The Environmental Health Division is working on a new product. They received grant money to produce a food defense video to prevent intentional food contamination. The planning meeting is next week and they have asked me to come and represent our Management Academy team. They want input on our experience in preparing our video.
Just wanted to share that with you. The work lives on!!!!!!!!!
I love the fact that this team implemented their plan. And I love the fact that their experience-- the specifics of what they did and the general lessons about business planning-- continue to bear fruit. Onward and upward!

-- Steve Orton