From the Management Academy Director

This is such an exciting part of the year for the Management Academy for Public Health. Not only have we had 7 teams apply from North Carolina, but we have also been fortunate enough to be able to offer team scholarships as a part of a collaborative effort between NACCHO and the NC Institute for Public Health. The scholarships are for teams that are entering the Action Cycle of the MAPP (Mobilizing Action through Planning and Partnerships) process and are interested in strengthening the implementation phase by developing a business plan centered on a sustainable business that addresses a community health issue. Applications have been received from across the country and we are looking forward to an opportunity to work with the selected teams. Please take the time to share with us your thoughts about the MAPP process and other processes that your health departments have been involved in. We think this is a great opportunity and we are so excited to share the book - Public Health Business Planning and the UNC-CH's Management Academy for Public Health program with new participants.