Events; New Trends, New Technologies, the Future…

Since the creation of this blog we have posted different areas of the event planning industry that affect events; from trends to how to acquire the money for the creation of a new event planning company. But, what’s next? Are events going to survive the economic depression? Are there any new ideas? New trends?

Gladly, I can say that the event planning industry is a thriving one worldwide. It is considered a billion dollar industry, with a stable spot within the entertainment industry. However, like everything else new trends, topics and ideas are being established in order to appeal to a more technologically and modern audiences.

One of the most modern and popular trend are Green events. Previously, we explored how trade-shows and conventions are incorporating the green trend in order to be more environmentally conscious regarding their displays and presentations. Another green trend that has emerged is green catering. Caterers have boosted their revenues with eco-friendly practices. Not only are they helping the environment but also they are appealing to a green customer with the desire of having an environmentally friendly event.

According to the article, Green Grows the Greenbacks: Some caterers Boost Revenue with Eco-Friendly Practices, on the magazine Special Events, reported that

“Though the green practices themselves—such as cutting energy use and trash-hauling costs—tend to be revenue-neutral, Cuccaro says, the big payoff comes from green-minded clients. "We definitely pick up more business as a result" of green practices, he says.”

This is a very good service event planners can suggest their clients who are on board with green events. Not only are helping the environment but we are creating conscious events that are modern and appealing to new modern clients. New trends are always emerging is up to event planners to be constantly researching new ways and techniques to create one-of-a kind events that are appealing to the always changing entertainment industry.

As a recent college graduate I have learn the importance of research and thinking outside of the box. It is important to understand the industry, know what and how things are being done. This is the only way to make yourself stand out from the competition, in addition this way you or your company will always have a competitive edge. Learning about all the different components that make a successful event has definitely given me an advantage over those already established companies that have stayed behind.