Get with the Program...

Social media and technology have rapidly and surely emerged in our everyday lives. Not only people write everything they feel, do, or want, but also society has created a large reliance in technology and social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Apps, etc. Events, meetings, conventions, seminars and trade shows must get with the program and incorporate the new emerging technologies and new trends to attract the attention of the attendees and of potential clients.

Get the code!
Let’s start with a new trend, the QR Code. It is a specific matrix barcode readable by a QR barcode readers and camera phones. QR codes are being found in several advertisements in different medias like print ads, and digitally. This will be a great innovative way to market and promote your meeting or convention. How does it work? Add a personalize QR code on your conference collateral. This way any attendee with a smartphone with a QR reader app can scan the code and be directed to any link that you desire. The link can be to a meeting’s website, a company website or a Facebook page, etc. This can also make your business cards a competitive edge.  You can generate your own QR Code at where you can make your QR code and link it to a URL, SMS, and/or other options.

Tweet Tweet!
Twitter is one of the biggest social media website used worldwide. For those who are not with the program, Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging service utilizing instant messaging, SMS or a web interface. Event planners can integrate Twitter by using hashtags- a word that begins with a # symbol that will bing all the conference or event -related tweets together. (Example: #2011Convention) If everyone has the hashtag Twitter will automatically compile all of them together. The best part is that you don’t have to register a hashtag, just inform your client and/or attendees of the hashtag, and done.

Another good idea for conference and trade-show attendees is utilizing eMobile. This tip is compliment of the Daily Hot Ideas from the Meeting and Conventions Magazine. With eMobile (powered by CrowdCompass), attendees can download the latest conference schedule and attendee information and refer to it even when Internet connectivity is spotty. The app, usable on Android, BlackBerry and Apple devices, costs $995, plus $1 per attendee, for planners using eReg, the registration software provided by eTouches. For planners using different registration software, check out EventMobi and other tools by CrowdCompass. (800) 516-4265;

Social media has become a part of how we do business, marketing, advertise and live. The event planning industry is not the exception. Take these tips into consideration and I am sure your event will be even better. Be social!

If you still don’t believe or know how social media influences, here is video that can maybe change your mind.