Trade-Shows Go Green…

In today’s society going green is in. Of course the event planning / convention / conference industry is no exception. New ways of creating exhibitions have been developed in order to save money and support the new trend of becoming environmentally conscious.

These green exhibits, also known as sustainable exhibit booths, should minimize the environmental impact. Depending on the size of the trade show or convention, these new modern booths can be made either small or large. However, it all depends on the needs of the organization that will be purchasing and utilizing the booth. Today, many are focusing on making sure that their exhibits and booths are sustainable and ultimately result in a lower potential waste. Creating an environmentally-friendly atmosphere and look. The key of creating a sustainable exhibit relies mainly on the materials used in the production process.  Incorporating elements like Swiss wood (a renewable resource and net remover of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere), low energy lighting, using recycled paper as materials, and organic foods and beverages.  Practicality is the main focus of this new trend.

Places like Switzerland have already incorporated this new environmentally friendly trend in numerous conventions and trade shows. In 2010, the Switzerland Convention and Incentive Bureau (SCIB) received the IMEX 2010 Green Exhibitor Award due to their sustainable exhibits. In addition, companies like Evo Exhibits and  Skyline Exhibits,  create top-of-the line eco friendly trade show displays, exhibits, and booths. Skyline Exhibits, located in Minnesota, USA, have created a 2-facet method of creating sustainable exhibits.

Skyline contributes to environmental sustainability in two ways: By providing lighter weight, modular exhibits that have smaller environmental impact than traditional custom exhibits, and by minimizing the impact on the environment from our manufacturing operations.

These two facets -- lightweight modular exhibits, and more environmentally friendly manufacturing, can be viewed through the lens of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

As you can see new trends and new ideas are being incorporated in the event planning industry. Helping the environment concerns us all, and what better way than helping with little details like this. This is not only a great way to be environmentally conscious but it is a great way to develop a poritive corporate image and PR, sending the message that you do care. Event planners and organizers should be applying new trends like this for their green conscious clients. I am sure ideas like this will make them very happy and pleased. Remember, keeping an open conscious about the world and trying to become more conservative is the way to save money.

On the following video you can see how a sustainable exhibit can look like and what materials are used. Video by Evo Exhibits, another green display production company.