Business Planning and MAPP

Business planning is indicated for public health organizations that are trying to
  1. start new initiatives, that will...
  2. collaborate with external partners, working together to...
  3. generate revenue, and ultimately...
  4. be sustainable (i.e., self-supporting) into the future (e.g., after the grant ends).
Maybe this goes without saying-- but the foundation of a strong business plan is a deep awareness of what the community (or market if you prefer) that you plan to serve actually needs and wants. That's the awareness that processes like MAPP are designed to create.

That's why we are so glad to be working with the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) program-- a strategic planning process to help communities understand their community health needs, assets and opportunities, and then take meaningful action on them.

The public health business plan fits in at the "action" phase of MAPP, laying out the details of how a new initiative will work with the various partners, and connecting those details all the way back to specific needs, specific customers, and specific attributes of a community.

I mention all this now because the Management Academy for Public Health is offering scholarships to three MAPP communities this spring-- to come to Chapel Hill for training starting in August. Deadline for applying with your MAPP team is coming up fast, May 15, 2009. In addition to some great management training the team will have the opportunity to develop a business plan with the support of business plan coaches, UNC staff... and a room full of great colleagues from North Carolina and across the country!