You know, one of the big challenges to entrepreneurs inside organizations is creating urgency... and that's a problem that the economic crisis has mitigated. People I'm talking with now are well aware of the urgency. Now we just need to manage it, harness it, use it!

Bizbox.com has an interesting take on the unemployment rate right now:

"Plenty of laid-off workers across the country, burned out by a merciless job market, are building business plans instead of sending out résumés. For these people, recession has become the mother of invention." Specifically, right now is when the tipping point seems to be happening: the mentality is changing from one of desperation to one of opportunity. From here on out, the little guys are going to be playing a bigger and bigger role in putting the economy on the road to recovery. [link]
You've heard a similar take from this blog, and from the UNC webinar on survival in a down market. Tomorrow's Public Health Grand Rounds will echo the point as well. This environment is creating opportunities at the same time it is causing havoc.

--Steve Orton