From the Management Academy Director

On Tuesday, February 10, the current Management Academy for Public Health participants had an opportunity to participate in a webinar presented by Dr. Sergey Sotnikov. Dr. Sotnikov is an Economist and Senior Service Fellow in the Division of Partnerships and Strategic Alliances (DPSA), National Center for Health Marketing (NCHM) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He currently serves as Acting Team Lead for the Technical Assistance, Training and Evaluation Team. The presentation, Why Partnerships are Important for Generating Financial Review and How Their Effectiveness Can Be Measured, provided participants an opportunity to know more about the CDC's Division of Partnerships and Strategic Alliances and how partnerships can have many benefits for the field of public health. These benefits include
  • Exchanging Information
  • Better Operational and Strategic Coordination
  • Elimination of Redundancies
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Client Referrals

Dr. Sotnikov stressed the importance of certain types of partnerships with public health departments. Tune in to find out more information about which partnerships for local health departments (Faith Based Organizations, Non-Profit Organizations, Hospitals, Community Organizations, Universities) tend to be associated with higher revenues.

The next scheduled webinar presented by Dr. Sotnikov is Friday, February 20th at 1:00PM EST. You are welcome to participate. The Call-in Number is 877-298-8255 and the Participant Code is 7249865.
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