From the Management Academy Director

We are so pleased to hear about the valuable lessons you have learned from the Management Academy for Public Health retreats. Several of the current participants mentioned improved Communication Skills, learning to Negotiate, mastering Finance Skills and the information received from their 360 Assessment.
One aspect that was consistently noted was that this entire 9-month program is a long learning process to reach your goal of creating a business plan that successfully addresses a community need. The Management Academy staff continues to be impressed by how much work is put towards creating the plan and then later working to get it implemented. Most teams are now meeting in person each week or every other week, in addition to conference calls and email exchanges. Earlier today, we received an email from a team that completed the Management Academy several years ago; their plan is being implemented now in its entirety. More information to come!

It is also great to see that you are using the teambuilding skills presented by Triangle Training as you continue to work with individuals who may have a style different from your own. Don't forget some of the valuable lessons about communicating openly and honestly, working together, setting goals and not giving up. As mentioned by our colleague, Carolyn, - "We have many challenges ahead", but I would like to add that the "Best is yet to come". Thinking of the best is yet to come, the current Management Academy participants will participate in several upcoming webinars about the book: Public Health Business Planning..............As you continue to read chapter by chapter, please feel free to share your thoughts here.